Wasp Nest Treatment

Wasp nests can cause disruption and there is a risk of serious injury if wasps become angry, so they must be dealt with safely, by a professional.

Wasp Nest Removal In Sussex

Here at GS Pest Control, we can provide an effective wasp removal service for our clients in Sussex and the surrounding areas, particularly those near Midhurst and Chichester. Not only will we be able to recommend and carry out the best procedure to remove the nest, but can also confirm that these are definitely wasps and not bees, which is a common mistake and the two must be treated very differently.

Why Do Wasp Nests Need To Be Removed By A Professional?

Wasps can cause a lot of anxiety and we understand the fears many people have of them. They have a nasty sting which can range from mildly irritating to causing severe reactions in those with allergies. If a nest is aggravated, this can also mean they lash out at passers-by, which in extreme cases has been known to be fatal.

They can also cause damage to your property as they find ways in and build their nests and old nests have even been known to pose a fire risk. Wasps multiply quickly, meaning a small nest now may become a much bigger problem quite quickly as the season goes on.

How Will We Remove Your Wasp Nest?

Once we have determined that the issue is in fact wasps and not bees, we will find the best way to remove the nest. This can be done through a variety of methods, which will depend on where the nest is. The most standard practise is, where access allows, to inject directly into the nest itself, a process which must only be carried out by experienced individuals wearing the correct PPE.

Looking For Wasp Nest Removal?

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