Rat Pest Control

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The Health Hazards Of Rats

Rats are not just an unsightly pest, but they can cause damage through gnawing away at your property or equipment. They can also pose an extreme health hazard, known for being frequent disease carriers. As they search for food and shelter, they can find ways into your home and therefore increase the risk of contamination.

Over a long period of time, an uncontrolled infestation can also cause a natural food source such as keratin. This attracts moths and textile pests, which can move into your clothes and carpets and cause damage to them; yet another problem caused by rats.

Preventing Future Rat Problems

Not only will we take steps to eradicate your existing problem, but they will also ensure you have the precautions in place to avoid a future recurrence. The number of visits required will depend on the severity of your infestation, but we will be able to provide you with a quote for each visit and a suggestion of how many will suffice at the beginning. Usually, three visits alongside rat-proofing your property will be sufficient.

Long Term Prevention

If you’re living in the countryside, prone to infestation, or are running a venue such as a restaurant, you may need an ongoing contract to keep rat boxes down throughout the year and keep on top of the infestation long-term. We can provide commercial contracts, find out more about these here.

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