Rabbit Pest Control

If rabbits are invading your property, we can help rid you of the problem.

Specialist Rabbit Pest Control

Rabbits might look cute, but they can be a real nuisance, causing a lot of damage to properties by damaging lawns and plants. They are also known to carry several diseases and fleas, which can be transmitted to domestic rabbits. Landowners are obligated, under Section One of the Pests Act 1954, to control rabbits on their land. If you have nuisance rabbit warrens on your land, which are causing damage, you must take steps to keep on top of the infestation.

Our Methods Of Rabbit Control

We can provide a variety of pest control techniques, to control your rabbit populations, including traditional ferreting. Where we use our ferrets, they will be directed down into the warrens and will encourage the rabbits to move into our nets, where we are able to trap them. We can also offer shooting, traps, snares, or can catch with our dogs. This variety of methods means that we will have a suitable solution for every infestation, no matter where it might be.

Rabbit Proofing

We can also provide rabbit profiling services, including the installation of insulating rabbit fencing, to prevent them from entering again.