Garden Mole Removal In Sussex

Are moles tearing up your garden? We’re here to help. While moles might look cute, they can cause a lot of damage to property with their extensive underground tunnels, leaving absolute carnage all over your beloved lawns.

How And Why Do Moles Cause So Much Damage?

Moles are originally wetland and woodland creatures who have been forced to enter our territory due to the loss of their own natural habitats, which is why we so often find them in our gardens. They prefer damp soil, so well-kept, regularly watered gardens offer them the perfect place to live, surrounded by earthworms.

Despite only being very small, one mole can tunnel up to eighteen feet per hour! This is why it’s particularly important to take control of the situation early on before their extensive tunnel systems make them even more difficult to catch.

Mole Removal Services

We will visit the property and assess the situation, to put together a strategy designed to rid you of the infestation. We will put down and set traps, in suitable locations around the property. We will then revisit in a few days time to check these and monitor how successful we have been. Moles can be incredibly evasive and it may take several visits to capture them, but the sooner you act upon spotting the first molehill the sooner we’ll be able to help you get rid of them.