Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing Services

In need of bird proofing services? We can help.

Bird Control In Sussex

Birds are a nuisance, particularly in public areas. Not only are they known for spreading diseases, but they can also take over derelict buildings, ledges and rooftops, leaving droppings everywhere which pose a serious health risk.

How To Prevent Birds

There are a variety of specialist bird control services which can be implemented, including the use of spikes and netting to prevent them from resting in particular areas, leaving them clean and bird free.

Cleaning Up The Mess

If you have an existing bird problem, whether this is in a public place or perhaps birds have made their way into your home, we can help you to get things cleaned up. Whether we’re proofing the property and blocking unwanted access, or removing the droppings or empty nests from your property, we can help.

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