Moles are one of the most consistent pest we deal with at G.S Pest Control. 2020 and early 2021 have been a bumper year for moles as rubbish as the rest of the year has been with everything going on. The moles carried on strong activity-wise throughout the summer where they normally go quieter.  We have t=had continuous calls for mole from new and existing customers but not we are in winter it is non-stop with the moles. There is nothing better than walking the countryside on a fresh frosty morning checking the mole traps. Seeing the difference from the piles and piles of soil on top of grass to clean green grass after a mole treatment is very satisfying. All the other wildlife you see whilst carrying out this work is just beautiful too whether it’s a Roe deer in their winter coat grazing away or a green woodpecker shooting through the wood there’s lots of wildlife to see and appreciate.

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