This is the biggest topic of 2020 by far. With this covid-19 crisis getting worse I am just informing you all, here at G.S Pest Control we are still operating our pest control services. But some bio-security measures will be in place in order to reduce the spread and keep us and you safe.

We will be using more phone calls / FaceTime to discuss issues.

when we come to survey we need to stick to the 2m distancing or further.

if you have been unwell or not feeling right you must! Let us know.

With a lot of people self-isolating I feel there will be an increase in rodent activity with an already busy rodent year and winter. If people start leaving rubbish about and if the bin men stop collecting we could have a huge increase in rodent activity.

Also with the weather warming up and people and animals stuck inside we could see an increase in fleas and other insect pests in our homes.  Keep an eye out for these and the quicker the spot and treat a problem the easier it is to get rid of.

So if have any pest issues get in contact. And stay safe and let’s get through this.

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