As I predicted through the lockdown rat jobs came in thick and fast. Being outside we could help these customers out with a fast service (social distancing and PPE in place. ) we could rid the customers of these pests. Rats were turning up everywhere and a lot in people’s gardens. Where some shops were closed these creatures were looking for their meal elsewhere. As well as rats, the other pest control carry’s on. Wasps are very busy at the moment and with these spurges of rain, moles are still very active for this time of year.  The wasps are doing well this year I’ll imagine it with due to the warm spring and good start they had earlier in the year.  With multiple nests been found on most clients’ properties. We offer a fast effective service for wasps with every wasp nest treatment guaranteed. As we all start getting back to normal-ish I hope everyone stays safe and sticks to social distancing measures we are a long way from the end but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay safe everyone and call if you have an emergency wasp nest that needs treating.

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